Osprey Nest Room

This charming room is exceptionally private and quiet. It has a queen-size bed, natural stone (gas) fireplace, skylights, built-in bookshelves and dresser, and marble/granite bath. Swanendele typically has three or four inhabited and active osprey nests about 100 feet offshore. This cozy room is “under the roof” with spectacular skylights and dormers with excellent water views. The dormers of this room offer a wonderful bird-watching platform, hence the name, “The Osprey Nest.” The symphony of birdcalls and crickets through the open windows and the two skylights make this a bright and happy place. The total room is 448 square feet.

In recognition of the quality stay in this and adjoining rooms and lounges, occupancy shall be limited to no more than two TwinXL beds and no more than FOUR persons, independent of age.

Price per Night

$250 + $100 for extra guest of any age, plus applicable taxes

When the current owners bought the Swanendele property in 2002, it had very few birds, as it had been a tobacco farm for centuries then planted over with white pine. Long before the construction of Swanendele began, the owners re-introduced traditional tree species, including oak, cedar, serviceberries, and maple, as well as shrubs and flowers. As a result of the diversified plant life, the bird population vastly expanded. Bluebirds, cardinals, blue jays, woodpeckers, chickadees, hummingbirds, herons, orioles, ducks, Canada geese, coots, seagulls, as well as bald-headed eagles and osprey now thrive in the forest and shores.